Answered By: Marissa C. Ball
Last Updated: Sep 22, 2020     Views: 138

Instructions for scanning to USB from Color Copier


  1. Use the color copier because this is the only one that has USB device connection
  2. Press the "Scan" button
  3. Press "FILE/USB"
  4. Make sure the "MFP LOCAL" button is selected and highlighted
    1. You might have to de-select the "USB MEDIA" button by pressing it first, then selecting "MFP LOCAL"
  5. Plugin your USB storage device on the side of the copier, right side as you face it
  6. Make sure it says “FOUND USB DEVICE” on the touch panel
  7. Press the "MFP LOCAL" button to deselect it 
  8. Press "USB MEDIA" to highlight it
  9. Press "SCAN" or "START" to start scanning as usual
  10. Press "JOB FINISH" to stop
  11. Don’t remove USB device until all scanning is completed
  12. The scanned images will appear in a new sub-folder that is automatically created, named “SCAN”

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