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DOI Numbers:

DOI numbers are great to use in order to find pieces of information!  'DOI' stands for 'Digital Object Identifier'. According to the DOI Handbook, DOIs were created by the publishing industry to identify content on digital networks. Most commonly, when you see a DOI, it usually is part of a citation for an article. The DOI acts as a unique identifying number for that specific article. Just like books have ISBNs and journals have ISSNs, many articles will have a DOI that identifies that specific article. So, an article with a DOI will be part of a journal, which will have an ISSN. Be careful not to confuse the two!

Where can you find it and what does it look like?

A DOI will typically start with '' and may have many slashes and digits where as an ISSN will only have 8 digits and ISBN will have 10 or 13 digits with dashes but no slashes.


What can you do with a DOI?

If you are searching on Google for articles and you find articles that you have to pay for, you can always use the DOI to see if we have that exact same article in our databases. It's fast and easy! 

  1. Copy the DOI number and go to our libraries homepage. 
  2. Hover your cursor over the "Find" drop down list.
  3. Click Find It @ FIU Citation Linker and paste the DOI into the DOI field. 
  4. Click on search and our system will look for that exact article online. No need to fill out all the citation information!

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