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What is my ID for the EZ-Proxy server?

  • There are now 2 methods to log in to Off-Campus Access, via your FIU email account, and via your Library Account.
  • Signing in via your FIU email / MyAccounts:  MyAccounts is FIU's central authentication system. It provides faculty, staff, and students, with a centralized method for changing passwords and managing your online identity at FIU.
  • Using MyAccounts:  Visit the MyAccounts login page to look up your login ID, Panther ID or to access forgotten passwords. For more information on MyAcounts, visit the UTS FAQs page.
  • Signing in via Library Account:  Your user ID for the EZ-Proxy server is the activated 14 digit number found on the back of your FIU OneCard. Your FIU OneCard is activated if you have borrowed materials from the library or if you have had it activated by the library circulation department. If you need to have your FIU OneCard activated, please contact your campus Access Services Department or send an electronic request.

Why do I need to use EZ-Proxy?

Many of the databases offered by the FIU Libraries are restricted to currently registered students, staff, and faculty of the University. When connecting to these services from home you are required to let the system know you are currently affiliated with FIU. The EZ-Proxy server will verify you as a member of the FIU community and allow access to these resources.

When do I need to use the EZ-Proxy server?

If you are outside the campus, dormitories, or other FIU network locations, unless you log in with a PPP account.


How do I use the EZ-Proxy server?

Before connecting: 

  • Deactivate any proxy configuration settings you may have made in your browser software's preferences/options files.
  • Be sure that your browser software has been allowed to accept "cookies" in your browser's preferences/options settings. Cookies expire and are removed upon closing your browser sessions.
  • Be sure that Java/JavaScript preferences/options are enabled.

While in EZ-Proxy mode:

  • Only use links on the web pages. Do not use the "home" button, "favorites" or "bookmarks," or input into the location bar. The "back" and "forward" buttons can be used freely.
  • Lost? You are in proxy mode whenever the URL in your location window begins with "" If you follow a link that takes you out of a library defined site, you may lose proxy mode.
  • You may need to use the "back" button to return to the proxied site.
  • EZ-Proxy access not working? Try enabling "cookies" in your browser's preferences/option settings.
  • Note: URLs bookmarked during this session will not work after you log-out.

Do I need to do anything to exit the EZ-Proxy server?

No. When you close all of your open browser windows, you will be automatically logged off.

Can Alumni use EZ-Proxy/Remote access?

Remote access to most licensed electronic databases is restricted or disallowed because of contractual agreements with vendors. However some resources do allow some access, visit our Alumni Library Services & Access guide for more details.

Whom do I contact for assistance?

If you have questions concerning when to use the EZ-Proxy or how to access databases, please contact the FIU Libraries Reference Desk during regular library hours or use the services detailed under Ask Us.

For further assistance, please contact the Information & Research Services Department.

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